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aka Shantaram / Tauren

Middle Eastern born and bred, I have resided in Australia for the last 12 years. Melbourne is where I have planted my roots and where I learned to hone my skills as a DJ/producer. I came to Melbourne in search of solace, in search of music. I came to find a place where I could express myself freely without cultural conditionings or prejudice. Through my own work as a freelancer, I have gone deep down into the sounds and sights that make Melbourne; I have encountered exceptional human beings who push the boundaries and limitations of their own self. I am here to explore and unpack the story that is them.

The Host

 the podcast

Surreal Melbourne is a podcast for creatives of all disciplines; musicians, artists, athletes, thinkers, doers, and dreamers. In this series of long format discussions, we ask the questions that unravel the many experiences that shape the selected artist.


Through our conversation, we dissect the guest’s drive and gain insight into how they see the world through their creative expression. Through these verbal explorations, we gain an understanding of their viewpoints and perspectives.

Our intention for this podcast series is that it may serve as an inspiration to all who wish to create in any medium or form of expression; be it art, music, or the infinite choices out there.


Surreal Melbourne Podcast
is directed and hosted
by Nawaf Alalawi
visually produced and edited
by Alex Blainey.

Through our collaboration we have inspired one another in a flowing stream of ideas: Side B to this website will feature our second podcast which is called The Five Deadly Venoms. This podcast is under production and the website page for this is inbound. Stay tuned for future updates on our Instagram page.


BY Alex Blainey

aka The BLay

Raised on a steady diet of beats, film, and theatre, I have been forging a career freelancing in film for the last 6 years. Thriving in this high-intensity industry has been a joy for me, I love the amazing places I have been and the people I have collaborated with over the years. A passion for making playlists on Spotify and a desire to share it with the community-led me to hosting various RRR graveyards over the last year. A Culture Vulture for as long I can remember, I have cultivated a fast friendship with Nawaf, which has now blossomed into Surreal Melbourne Studios.

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